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Name: Launch X-431 IV x431iv
Item No.: 600101001
Weight: 10.0 kg

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Launch X-431 IV x431iv x431 iv

2012 lastest launch X-431 IV is an classic、economical、simple、steady vehicle diagnostic tool newly released by Launch. It follows the open platform of X431 series, also it inherits many advantages of X431 including a wide coverage of vehicle models, powerful testing functions and accurate test data. At the same time,the unique rotatable diagnostic connector design is convenient for use"s operating.It"s a cost-effective diagnostic product on the market.

a)Diagnostic functions: trouble diagnosis of automotive ECU"s; (Features including: read trouble code, clear trouble code, read data stream and special features), the diagnostic software completely consistent with that of X431, fully inherited the advantages of X431 including wide coverage of vehicle models and high precision test;
b)PDA functions: (handwriting with stylus, personal data management, English-Chinese dictionary, etc.);
c)Optional functions: creation of repair files and access to maintenance data);
d)Mini printer (can be used with X431PCCENTER to connect to the computer for storage of vehicle test data
Operating system: LINUX operating platform
Memory: 16M
CF card: 1G
Host power supply: DC12V
Host power: about 9W
Printer: Mini high-speed thermal printer
Display: large 240 × 320 touch inductive LCD screen, with backlight
Ambient temperature :-10℃-55 ℃
Relative Humidity: <90%
Product Dimension: 198mm × 316mm × 55.5mm